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Hangman is a fun game for at least two people to improve their vocabulary and spelling. A word game for at least two people, one creates a secret word and gives his suggestions and the other tries to guess the word. You will score points for each correct answer. 

The game is a mix of both fun and educational topics. Test your skills by attempting to finish each puzzle in the quickest time possible.

How to play Hangman game

The game Hangman has a lot of topics and levels, with five rounds in each turn. You can choose any topic that you are interested in. In addition, there are 3 different levels in a set: easy, medium, and difficult. This is to keep the game getting interesting and also to rule out competitors. 

You need to find the missing letters to fill a number of blank spaces. You will use the keyboard to guess a letter (it should be started with vowels). If you have some revealed letters, let's brainstorm to guess what the answer is and fill in the remaining letters. 

To be noticed, each wrong guessed letter gets a life and the hangman begins to appear, piece by piece.

Solve the puzzle before the hangman dies.

While playing this game, I hope you can learn more about English or get better at it. Please remark if you have any.

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