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What is a great word search puzzles for adults and kids?  Let’s first dissect what a word is.  A word by definition is a unit of language.  This is one of the smallest elements in linguistics next to morpheme. Words are the most important if not an essential component of both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication.

To that end, rich and diverse vocabulary is invaluable not to mention beneficial assets any person can have. The best part is that proficiency in word or vocabulary only requires the right amount of dedication coupled with the appropriate tools.

With that in mind, finding the right tools for this endeavor is not as hard as searching for a specific word in a 25×25-puzzle board. Due to the fact, that today’s technology has made learning easier, fun, and accessible to everyone via the internet.

For this reason, enriching any skillset, which in this case is the vocabulary, is doable through the aid of word video game puzzles. Pink Pointer’s Word Search Puzzles for adults and kids is a great example of a fun, challenging and skill inducing video game you can get free of charge. Take the first step in your journey to skill enhancement with the help of this free-to-play lightweight game for the PC. Share and challenge your friends and family today.


Straightforward Design and Gameplay Structure

Unlike other word search variants, Word Search by Pink Pointer features straightforward gameplay.  It has a clean and modest interface. Regardless of its simplicity, the game has proven itself as one of the most sought out free-to-play version of the iconic word puzzle game. Overall, Pink Pointer’s Word Search game has managed to accumulate hundreds of thousands of 5-Star ratings since launch. Not to mention that the game also amassed tens of millions of downloads.


Online Multiplayer – Word Search Puzzles for Adults & Kids

Concealed beyond the simplicity of Word Search is a decent selection of common yet fun features like Online Multiplayer, which is not a common element in the genre of world puzzles.   Online Multiplayer This feature allows players to challenge their friends, family, or any random player in the community in a real-time head-to-head word search battle online.


Multiple Game Modes

In addition to the multiplayer feature, Word Search also comes with three distinct game modes: easy, medium, and hard. Interestingly enough, each of these game modes comes with its own set of rules set. Easy mode, for example, allows players to search for the words vertically, diagonally, and horizontally. This mode as the name suggests is great for novice players.

Medium, on the other hand, comes with all the rules in easy mode with the addition of backward search. This means that the placement of some of the words in this mode is facing the opposite direction.  In simple terms, players will sometimes have to look for the word spelled backward.

If the modes are still not challenging enough for you, then you are ready for the next level of difficulty. The Hard Mode has all the challenging elements of both medium and easy mode. What makes this mode challenging is that it only highlights certain clues/definitions instead of the actual word itself. To make this mode even more challenging is the integration of a digital timer at the top of each level.


Achievements and Leaderboards

Word Search also comes with a long list of achievements to celebrate milestones and other feats worth commending. In addition to that, the game also features a global leaderboard that serves as the pedestal for the most competitive not to mention the best players on the platform. So if you are looking for a unique type of game that’s not only educational but competitive as well, checking out this game is going to be worth your while.


Impressive Localization

Another notable feature in Pink Pointer’s Word Search is the 37 languages embedded within its core. In other words, players who want to experience the game in other languages may do so with just a click of a button. This neat feature, just like the game itself, is an example of an effective way to integrate gameplay components in a game without compromising the game’s structure.


Puzzle Overload – Word Search Puzzles for Adults & Kids

Word Search features a near-endless number of challenging levels. It currently has over 22000 puzzles in its ever-growing library of challenges. Puzzles in the game come in three distinct sizes (small, medium, large) regardless of the difficulty mode. Small puzzles feature an 8×8 grid, a 10×10 board for medium, and a 12×12 for large.

Each puzzle pack contains an assortment of sizes. On top of that, each of the sizes featured in a puzzle pack comes with 20 levels.

Pink Pointer’s Word Search puzzle may look modest on a third-person perspective but a first-hand experience will say otherwise. In spite of having less pizazz, the developer of the game was able to integrate the most interesting and necessary features.  This is the best word search puzzles for adults and kids with infinite possibilities that are easy to use.  Hungry for more food, oops, what we mean is word search puzzles?  Then check out Infinite Word Search Puzzles.

Game Features

  • Clean Interface
  • User-Friendly Controls
  • Optional Game Modes
  • Online Multiplayer

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Word Search Screenshot
Word Search Screenshot

Play Word Search on PC & Mac FREE now!